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What is Fibre WiFi?


From working to shopping, just about everything has turned into an online activity. Although a large majority of us have used fibre connections before, whether it be in our homes or our office, they are definitely more prevalent now as we try to juggle all of our online activities without facing internet throttling, but what is fibre WiFi?

Fibre-optic cables harness the speed of light for binary data transfer through carefully and finely constructed glass cabling that allow light to pulse through it. These pulses of light work similarly to the way electricity would through copper wire, but with less disturbance and higher bandwidth. Light travels through the innermost part with assistance from the cladding that surrounds it. This is possible because the optical density between the core and the cladding differs.

Benefits of Fibre WiFi


The fibre-optic cables used to power fibre internet makes use of light. It is therefore able to transport a higher bandwidth of data in a shorter period of time, which allows it to be that much faster than standard ADSL.



Fibre cables are stronger than the more commonly used copper wires, and hence makes them more resilient to interference and disruptions. You also do not face the troubles of shaping and throttling on fibre network connections.


Stronger signal

These cables have higher accuracy and versatility to transfer and maintain data and connection over a further distance. It is therefore able to hold a stronger internet signal for you to enjoy.


Higher bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transferred at once. As fibre uses light pulses for data transfer the bandwidth is able to be much higher and hence faster than it is on standard copper wires.



Fibre connections offer higher clarity and reliability as weather conditions cannot interfere with the glass cabling used for fibre-optic wires.


Low maintenance

Unless repairs are needed, fibre-optic cables do not require any routine maintenance to function successfully.




A greener alternative


An underlying benefit of fibre internet is its inherent sustainability in comparison to copper wires. Developed more recently to be used for internet connections, its use of modern technology has produced an environmentally more sustainable and friendly alternative. 

Compared to standard ADSL connection set ups, it requires less material to manufacture and install. Copper mining, which is needed for the copper wires used in ADSL, has also proved to be dangerous for the environment. Hence, the elimination of copper from the equation immediately provides a safer choice.

Due to its low maintenance needs, it also proves to be a better solution as it will not require repairs when there are elemental disturbances, in turn saving valuable energy and resources. Energy used to power fibre-optic cables is also lower than that of copper.



Although fibre is a fairly new technology, the innovation behind it goes back around 50 years.

First launched in 2009, SEACOM (African cable system) is an approximately 17,000 km long submarine cable that connects South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Djibouti, France and India. These cables initially began being laid back in 1988, which started the connection of multiple fibre-optic cables across the globe.

SEACOM has considerably increased the availability on international bandwidth and benefited several under-served nations within Africa as these cables lower the cost for internet-based services.

How do I know if there is Fibre in my area?

Fibre has already began rolling out across various areas in South Africa.
If you are wondering about Fibre in your area, simply check our coverage map.

If we aren’t yet in your area please feel free to express your interest and our dedicated team will look into the demand. As a division of Lightstruck, our vision is to deploy fibre across Southern Africa for the long-term economic and social benefit of multiple communities.



Lightstruck installs fibre cables


Yutiliti connects you to the internet


You indulge in super-fast internet!

Where does Yutiliti fit in?


Yutiliti is a leading fibre ISP (Internet service provider) that delivers fast installation and even faster internet. Our team swiftly connects you to Lightstruck fibre to get rid of the normally long and frustrating wait of getting connected.

Don’t wonder to yourself ‘what is fibre WiFi?’ any longer – get connected today!