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Yutiliti offers lightning-fast internet to South Africans in Lightstruck Fibre-covered areas. We swiftly connect you to superfast world-class internet for your home or business

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Fibre FAQs

Is fibre better than ADSL?

ADSL and fibre optics are two types of broadband internet. ADSL uses copper telephone lines, while fibre optics use glass fibres for faster, more stable connectivity. ADSL’s reliability is affected by distance, copper quality, and weather, while fibre optics are more reliable, resistant to interference, and endure harsh conditions. Fibre optics provide superior speed and performance, ideal for fast, reliable internet in homes and businesses. Choosing fibre future-proofs your connectivity for evolving technologies and growing bandwidth needs.

How do I get connected?

The easiest way to to get connected is to use the “Order Now” button on the home page. By completing the online sign-up form and uploading your ID and Proof of Banking details for a debit order, your order will be successfully placed. One of our friendly agents will be in contact to arrange a date and time that will suit you. You can prepare your home by ensuring the installation area is accessible and clear of obstacles. The technician will need to run cables and set up the necessary equipment, so make sure they have a suitable space to work in. They will set up a termination point inside your home and connect the fibre optic cable to a modem or router. The technician will test the connection to ensure it’s working correctly. Once the installation is successful, they will activate your fibre optic internet service. You can now connect your devices (computers, smartphones, smart TVs, etc.) to the provided modem or router using Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi. Follow any additional setup instructions provided by Yutiliti. You are now connected to fibre optic internet. Enjoy the benefits of faster, more reliable internet for all your online activities.

Do I need a landline?

No, you do not need a landline to use fibre optic internet. Fibre optic internet is a standalone broadband service and does not require a traditional landline phone connection. Unlike some older internet technologies like ADSL, fibre optic internet operates independently and provides high-speed internet access without the need for a landline phone.

Will I need to replace my router?

Possibly. If your current router is not compatible with fibre optic technology, you may need to replace it with a fibre optic-compatible router. Fibre optic internet requires specific equipment, including a fibre optic modem or an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which connects to the fibre optic line. Yutiliti provides a free to use router with your subscription which connects to the fibre network. Yutiliti manages and maintains these devices. If you would like to manage your own home or business network, you are able to use your own equipment so long as it is compatible with the fibre network requirements.

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Don’t Have Fibre In Your Area?

If you would like Fast Fibre internet in your Home or Office, your first step is to register your interest directly with YUTiLiTi. This way, we’ll become aware of a need in your community. If there is enough interest, we can launch a project to bring Fibre Optic Internet to your area.

Limited Availability in Selected Areas in South-Africa

Limited Availability in Selected Areas in South-Africa