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In under 10 minutes, your admin is done. In just 48 hours, the installer will contact you. In a couple of days, you’ll be live on fibre – blazing along the internet at the speed of Lightstruck!

Yutiliti was created to wipe out the typically long and frustrating wait between signing up and zooming in with a new fibre installation. It’s simply the quickest way for home users to experience lightning-fast fibre.

Why Yutiliti?

Lightstruck installs fibre cable in the neighbourhood
Yutiliti is your ISP and connects you to the internet
Enjoy life in the fast lane with superhero fast internet

Yes, you can choose your own service provider

Yutiliti delivers superfast installation and lightning-fast internet service, so it offers a comprehensive digital utility to every household where Lightstruck has rolled out fibre. We swiftly enable you to get connected with fibre. And then we deliver world-class superfast internet to your home.

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