The Fibre Installer You Can Trust!

At the end of a fibre installation journey lies the oasis of speedy internet with the potential to change the way you live life and conduct business, but getting there is just that – a journey! As a trusted fibre installer, Lightstruck and Yutiliti have banded together to ensure flawless fibre installations that make your journey easy.

Lightstruck, well-known as a premium fibre service provider in South Africa, conducts fibre installations in communities that have signalled their interest. By following leading infrastructure principles during their deployment, Lightstruck is able to deliver reliable networks.

Fibre Installations: The Journey Explained

Connecting in your community

For the initial phase, a professional civil contractor is hired to install the fibre network along the roads in your community. This infrastructure ends with a connection box outside your property line, usually placed as close as possible to your private boundary. Afterwards, the Lightstruck team installs a connector inside this boundary box, ensuring access to an active connection.

Connecting in your home

The second step, known as the Home Drop, is vital in establishing the connection from your boundary box into your house. This connection is set up through a request by a Home Drop contractor. Once your home network is up and running, you’ll need to sign up for a fibre package – which is where Yutiliti takes the lead!

We want to help you get connected to start enjoying the never-ending benefits of fibre! Once we’re up and running in your area, be sure to check out our packages.


It’s Installed! What’s Next?

So, your fibre installer has set you up with everything you need to start banking on fast fibre internet. What’s next? Unfortunately, depending on your space, it is easy for the internet signal from your Wi-Fi router to be disrupted by electronics and walls.

As a result, where you decide to place your Wi-Fi router can significantly impact the quality of your internet! While moving your router will not lead to faster download and upload speeds, it can make your connection more reliable and stable.

Here are steps from our experts to help you find the best spot for your Wi-Fi router:


Move your router to
a central spot

Wi-Fi routers transmit their signal in all directions. This means that if your router is placed more towards the centre of the building, it can lead to better coverage overall. Users should be careful not to place the router next to a so-called ‘dead area’ like a garage or window, as some of your strongest connection points will be going to waste!

Avoid unnecessary

It’s difficult for the signal from your router to pass through obstructions like thick walls and cupboards effectively. Ensure that your router is in a highly visible and unobscured area. This will allow your Wi-Fi signal to travel further and increase its stability.

Keep the router
off the floor

If your router is on the floor, the signal it transmits will immediately be absorbed by the ground. Rather, place your router on an elevated surface to improve its transmission.

Avoid the
kitchen altogether

Electronic appliances and metal surfaces have the potential to disrupt and interfere with your Wi-Fi signal, so it is better to keep the router out of the kitchen, or places with several appliances, entirely.

Minimise the opportunity for signal interferences

Place your router away from other devices like baby monitors, radios, and cordless phones. When these devices are in close proximity to each other, it increases the chances of the Wi-Fi channels crossing together. These interferences can disrupt your internet connection.

If the first spot you try still isn’t ideal, move your device around until you find the perfect location for your router. Should your connection problems persist, a Wi-Fi extender or repeater can help optimise your internet connection.

Flawless fibre installations


Yutiliti delivers superfast installation and an even faster connection! Our goal is to provide a comprehensive digital utility to every home and business where Lightstruck has already rolled out fibre cables. If you are interested in making the journey, our team can help you with a swift connection.