your Wi-Fi Router

Tips for finding the best spot for your Wi-Fi router

Unfortunately, it is easy for the internet signal from your Wi-Fi router to be disrupted by electronics or walls for example. So, where you choose to place your router can have a significant impact on the quality of your internet – moving your router won’t lead to faster download and upload speeds, but it can make your connection more reliable and stable.

Here are the steps you can follow to help you find the best spot for your router:
  1. Move your router to a central spot in your home or office
    Wi-Fi routers transmit their signal into all directions, so if your router is placed more towards the centre of the building it will lead to better coverage overall. Be careful not to place your router next to a so-called dead area like a garage or window. In doing so some of your strongest connection points will be going to waste.
  1. Avoid unnecessary hindrances like walls and cupboards
    It’s difficult for the signal from your router to effectively pass through thick walls. Ensure that your router is in a highly visible and unobscured area – this will allow your Wi-Fi signal to travel further.
  1. Keep the router off the floor
    If your router is on the floor the signal it transmits will immediately be absorbed by the ground.
  1. Avoid the kitchen altogether
    All those electronic appliances and metal surfaces will only disrupt or interfere with your Wi-Fi signal, so it’s better to keep the router out of the kitchen completely.
  1. Minimise the opportunity of signal interferences.
    Place your router somewhere away from other devices like baby monitors, radios, and cordless phones. When these devices are in close proximity to each other it increases the chances of the Wi-Fi channels crossing together. These interferences can disrupt your internet connection.
If the first spot you try still isn’t ideal, move your router around until you find the perfect location for you Wi-Fi router. Should your connection problems persist, a Wi-Fi extender or repeater can help optimise your internet connection.